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Gallery of Load Outs of UH-60 and CH-47

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Tow Bridle

HEMTT being pulled by the Tow Bridle and a Tug
First test of the System:

The Tow Bridle was originally tested by pulling a HEMTT up a ramp using a tug. This was done by adding a meter inbetween the tug and the HEMTT to record the max pull needed to move the HEMTT up the ramp. The pull tension required was approximately 6800 lbs to pull the 37,000 HEMTT up the ramp. The TB-37000A Tow Bridle system is designed with two lengths available, but can be easily and quickly adapted for any length required.

Evaluation Tests

UH-60 being front first loaded into a C17. Notice the way the bar is sharing load from side to side.
Series of tests:

The evaluation series of tests consisted of pulling a UH-60 and a CH-47 into a C5, C17 and the Antonov series used by the US Military. The US Air Force along with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment performed the evaluation tests to ensure that the Tow Bridle Load Out Kit would easily handle the loading process. The Tow Bridle is designed to have a 3.75 safety factor when pulling the airframes into the cargo aircraft. The UH-60 and CH-47 were evaluated with both a frontfirst load configuration and a tailfirst load configuration. In the adjacent picture, you can observe the load sharing characteristic of the carbon fiber bar while loading a UH-60 into a C-17. Because of design the bar will automatically adjust and share the load equally as the load being pulled in is moved left or right of center of the cargo area.
Because the Tow Bridle Load Out Kit is provided in its
own storage container and weighs only 91 lbs it can be
easily stored in the Cargo aircraft or in the airframe being
transported to be used to unload the airframe at destination.

CH-47 being rear loaded.

UH60 Frontload ready

A note from our Research and Development department.

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The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and the US Air Force approved the Tow Bridle Load Out Kit for use with UH 60 Series and CH- 47 Series aircraft in loading into the C-17, C-5, and Antonov cargo aircraft.