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Tow Bridle

The Tow Bridle was designed to meet the need of the US and Worlds Military to tow/pull airframes, and rolling stock into the cargo aircraft used by the Military throughout the world.  The need was expressed for a tow system that was lightweight, durable and easy to deploy. The TB-37000A Tow Bridle system is designed with two lengths available, but can be easily and quickly adapted for any length required. Click here to see the Tow bridle in use.


TB-37000A Tow Bridle system

The Tow Bridle consists of:

  • One (1) carbon fiber composite bar

  • Four (4)synthetic  lines

  • Two (2) Soft Eye adaptors

  • One (1) Shackle adaptor

  • Two (2) alloy hooks

  • Three (3) alloy shackles

  • Two (2) airframe protective pads

  • One (1) steering bar in three components.
    Yoke, T handle, Extension for UH 60. Pip Pins for assembly.

  • A Pelican case.

To prevent corrosion and increase the lifetime of the product:

  • The carbon fiber composite bar is covered with a polymer coating. This coating protects the carbon fiber and provides an easy to grip surface that is more resistant to abrasion.

  • The lines are covered in a polyurethane coating that provides resistance to abrasion and prevents entry of dirt into the line. The soft eyes are covered with an abrasion resistant shield.

  • The soft eye adaptor and the shackle adaptor are black anodized.

  • The hooks and shackles are manufactured from an alloy that is resistant to environmental conditions.

  • The airframe protective pads are leather and need to be periodically treated with a leather preservative.

  • The all components of the steering bar are powder coated . The PIP Pins are stainless.

Tow Bar Assembly

Tow Bar, Adaptors, and Ropes assembled

Assembled Line
Tow Rope, Shackle, Hook, and Airframe Padding assembled


The Tow Bridle is easily assembled. Each component is easily attached to another through the use of screw pins in the shackles and wire pins used to lock the adaptors in place.

There is no special tooling needed to assemble the Tow Bridle Assembly. In fact, the unit can be completely assembled by hand.  The operator can, if necessary, tighten the shackle pins with a large screw driver shaft or any style of tool that will fit inside the hole of the screw pin in the shackle.


                     Tow Bridle Assembled

A note from our Research and Development department.

Constant customer liaison coupled with our ability to keep in stride with technical developments, allows us to provide the best applications for our customers needs.
The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and the US Air Force approved the Tow Bridle Load Out Kit for use with UH 60 Series and CH- 47 Series aircraft in loading into the C-17, C-5, and Antonov cargo aircraft.