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Pendulum Hook
10K Hook

UH-60 with Pendulum Hook and Swivel
Normal external load operations require that the ground crew connect the reach pendants or sling to the airframe cargo hook. The operations require precise hovering and alignment of the Helicopter relative to the load.

CH-47 with Pendulum Hook and Swivel

The Pendulum Hook system improves all aspects of the operation

  • Safety

  • Faster Hookups

  • Integrated Swivel

  • Reduces equipment requirements and cycle times for Vert Rep

  • No static discharge.

  • Easier "On the load" or "Off the load " hook up.

Pendulum Hook System on Trolley
Vertical Replenishment

Vertical Replenishment


Precision Lift considered the significant safety and time advantages and designed the "Pendulum Hook" system.

The Pendulum Hook is now a component of the Electric Long Line (ELL) System which is a complete system with NATO and US Army approved hand control, line, swivel, dual use tactical cage, and hook.

The Pendulum Hook System shown on the left with a South Carolina Army Aviation National Guard UH-60 is on an ELL transport and storage Trolley.
Vertical Replenishment Deck

Deck showing Vert Rep in progress

Choice is one (1) pendulum hook or all the reach pendants that you see displayed on the deck .

Deck full of reach pendants

Reach Pendants for a Vert Rep mission

The men on deck are preparing for a Vert Rep Excercise. The use of the Pendulum Hook will remove the need for the storage and use of all of the reach pendants shown on deck.  One (1) Pendulum hook with swivel or all the others with no swivels.

Designs for the Future:

New Swivel with Soft Eye

New Swivel

The Swivel: The use of the Pendulum Hook System requires that the hook be handled by the ground crew members. This can be assisted by grabbing a tag line attached to the hook, but more importantly is the need to lighten the hook and its constituent parts.

Precision Lift Inc. has developed a new swivel that will lighten the Hook Assembly. The new Swivel allows the user to hook up to a soft eye in the end of the long line. This will reduce the weight of the Hook Assembly by eliminating the need for a Shackle and the Steel Thimble Eye.

The new swivel incorporates a proprietary bushing inside of the yoke. This will support the rope and allow an even distribution of forces.


Because of FAA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Section 29.865) requirements, there is a need for an additional measure of safety required by the FAA for use when transporting Human cargo, Precision Lift Research and Design group created the Manual Lockout to prevent inadvertent release of Human Cargo.