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10k Hook
10K Hook (Cage, Side Plates
and Load Beam)

The Hook consists of a Protective Cage, Side Plates, and Load Beam.


The protective Cage prevents the Load Beam and the Side Plates from being deformed or damaged by contact with objects in the area where the Hook is to be used. This Cage is made from steel plate and welded steel tubing equal to that used as roll bar material for racing vehicles. This heavy duty design is for tactical recovery of cargo and humans. The Cage also serves to assist in positioning the Hook when in use and to allow for the attachment of other implements used in the moving of cargo and live cargo (Human and Animal).The Cage is coated with a rubberized grip material that assists the operator in maintaining contact during inclement weather conditions.

The Side Plates are manufactured from high grade aluminum and are machined to exacting standards for the placement of the Load Beam and its associated moving parts. The Side Plates support the Load Beam and transfer the weight to the Protective Cage into which the Swivel has been connected.

sideplate load plate

Side Plates and Load Beam
10,000lb Working Load Limit
Proof Tested to 50,000lbs
The Load Beam is manufactured from high grade Steel to exacting standards and provides the surface upon which the load connections are carried. Our Load Beam is unique in that we require our design to open more that 90° so that we are positive that we will have load release upon opening of the Hook.

System Product Features:

  • High strength aluminum/steel construction
  • Adaptable to manned and UAV applications
  • Oversized load beam saddle
  • Electrical and manual release
  • Adjustable tension load return spring
  • Positive locking mechanism and low voltage opening
  • Safety factor used for ultimate designed strength is 5X.
  • Protective cage mount
  • Load beam snout is designed for load rings
  • Low maintenance/Reduced overhaul costs
  • Polyurethane coated steel wrap-around hook cage

  • Design Considerations:

    The Hook is a manufactured form stainless steel to exacting tolerances.

    Inside of the Hook are the components that allow the hook to operate manually and electrically through the use of a Hand Control used by a crew member in the Helicopter. The Hand Control is connected through an electric cable that runs along the length of the long line inside a rugged Cordura cover. The components consist of the Hook release mechanism that is operated either manually or electrically through a solenoid, a manual lockout system, the Solenoid, a Manual Lockout, and a Load Beam.
    Hook Test

    25K Hook 100,0001b

    The mechanism is manufactured using high grade steel to very exacting specifications. Our Hook can be opened or released using either a Solenoid for Remote Release and by a Manual release on the Hook body that can be used by the
    ground crew. The high tolerances are required to
    maintain our high reliability and the
    Solenoid with Side plate

    Side Plate with Electric Solenoid
    ruggedness that we require for longevity. Our Hook is designed to survive the commercial environment required in the logging industry, which includes occasional overload and high repetitions of daily releases. (See picture on left for the 25K Hook proof test)

    The Solenoid for our hook is a sealed 24V DC solenoid which is attached to the release mechanism. The short pulse required to operate the solenoid is supplied through the Hand Control by a crew member in the Helicopter. This remote operation allows the mission to be accomplished with less manpower as the Helicopter crew can deliver the load without aid of a ground crew.

    The proprietary Manual Lock Out is only available on our Hook. This is a solid detent lock out that will prevent inadvertent release. The Lock Out locks the Load Beam in position and prevents opening of the Hook by either the solenoid
    or the manual release.

    Load Beam Bumper
    The Load Beam is made from High Grade Steel, heat treated and surface hardened for endurance. The Load Beam is designed with a smooth transistion from end to end to ensure that there is no impediment to the release of the load. To ensure that the load is released we have designed our Hook so that the Load Beam when opened, opens more than 90°.

    Our Hooks are designed for aerial release. When the load is released in the air, the Load Beam rebounds and sends a shock load throughout the hook and the Long Line System ultimately reaching the Helicopter frame. To prevent just such a shock load, we include a rubber bumper in our hook system to absorb this shock load and increase
    the longevity of the Hook itself.


    Because of FAA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Section 29.865) requirements, there is a need for an additional measure of safety required by the FAA for use when transporting Human cargo, Precision Lift Research and Design group created the Manual Lockout to prevent inadvertent release of Human Cargo.