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General Areas of Consulting
  1. Helicopter External Operations Specializing in Remote Access Point to Point Logistics. Throughout the years of working with customers, Precision Lift has written many manuals and operational documents. As a result, Precision Lift would like to share some of these with our customers to assist them in starting new operations and reviewing the needs of operations that exist. The following documents will assist you and are freely available from Precision Lift. You can download the PDF and use them as you need them.

  2. If you need additional information, call us or go to the Contacts page and send us a note.

  3. Remote Cargo Hooks Systems Up to 35,000 lb Capacity, Military and Commercial Applications

  4. Precision Lift has developed Cargo Hook Systems for many years. Our systems are in use by Army National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, and NASA to mention some of the users. We have years of experience in External Loads and their movement. Please call or go to our Contacts page and send us a note so that we may assist you.

  5. Remote Site Operations All Climates

  6. Precision Lift has experience in all climates and areas of the world. We have conducted operations and provided equipment for customers in Artic, Sub Tropical and Tropical environments.

  7. US Military, NATO and Commercial Approvals

  8. Precision Lift is experienced with developing products that must meet NASA, FAA, NATO and Commercial requirements for products that are used with the possibility of Human carriage in a rescue situation by a Helicopter. All of our equipment is carefully tested at values required by our customer list and in most cases we exceed this requirement because of our own specifications. Our engineers and our founder have experience that can be used to make our products have extended service lives. We work directly with our customers to develop the products that meet their needs, call or go to our Contacts page and send us a note so that we may assist you with your individual needs and specifications.

  9. Helicopter Multiple Rescue and Disaster Response Modules

  10. First Responders Module

    In response to the customers needs in Multiple Rescue and Disaster Response, Precision Lift has developed the FRM or First Responders Module. The Heli-Basket First Responders Module (HB-FRM) trailer is equipped with external load gear for utility and rescue operations. The equipment facilitates immediate access, point to point logistics and addresses multiple rescue, firefighting, supply and recovery. The trailer is towable; self loads the Heli-Basket, can be rolled on and off cargo aircraft and is Heli-portable. The HB-FRM, fully equipped, weighs less than 5500lbs. (more...)

  11. Helicopter Recovery

    Aircraft Recovery Systems and Equipment

  12. Precision Lift Long Line Systems are in use today for Aircraft Recovery. The robustness and reliability of our systems have made Precision Lift the number one choice for long term recovery usage. Whether you are using a double 10K system or a single 25K system, you are assured that all the components have been tested and certified before shipment. We use a minimum 5 to 1 safety factor in developing our Pendulums, Electric Long Lines, and our Swivels and Hooks. The systems are assembled and tested to assure that the components are compatible and fit is perfect. Each of our electrical components is tested before shipping. Precision Lift has developed harnassing for NASA and will develop special applications for your needs. Give us a call or go to our Contacts page and send us a note about your specific needs and we will contact you immediately.

  13. Aircraft Loading Equipment

  14. Precision Lift was requested to develop a Tow Bridle system for use in deployment of the UH-60 and the UH-47. The request was to get the weight and size of Tow Bridle system reduced as far as possible. To accomplish this task, Precision Lift reviewed several advanced materials and decided that textile based lines and carbon fiber would be able to meet the challenge. Precision Lift also chose to use alloys in the hooks and shackles. The finished product weighs in at about 85lbs including the Pelican case. The Tow Bridle system is universal in application.

    Precision Lift was requested to develop harnesses for the Orion drop test run by NASA. These lines were required to support the Orion at different angles. The harnesses were two and four legged and had to perform while soaked with water. Precision Lift designed harnesses with soft eyes that met the stringent requirements of weight, and angle which resulted in a successfull testing sequence.

    If you have an application in which you need a tow bridle or harnassing, give us a call or go to our Contacts page and send us a note about your specific needs and we will contact you immediately.

  15. Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft Flightline Fall Protection Maintenance Platforms


A note from our Research and Development department.

Precision Lift uses its customer feedback to assist in developing guidelines for the future application and use of each product in the inventory.