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  News Flash from Heli Expo 2011

Erickson Air-Crane Signs MOU for Five Air-Cranes from Chinese Companies

A consortium of Chinese aviation companies have signed a deal for up to five Air-Cranes. The MOU was signed at the Heli-Expo 2011 in Orlando. The main interest has been from the country's central government which is interested in developing disaster-response capabilities.

Erickson Air-Crane and a consortium of Chinese aviation companies have signed a deal for up to five S-64F Air-Cranes. The companies signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) yesterday at Heli-Expo 2011.

HB 5000 with 56 Persons Aboard

Rieder said the impetus for the Chinese interest is coming from the country's central government, which is interested in developing better disaster-response capabilities.

While details of a final deal remain to be worked out, Rieder said that it likely would involve co-developing sales, manufacturing, MRO and general operations of the helicopters at the Kunshan Aviation Industrial Park, a project being developed for China's aviation industry in Dian Shan Lake Town near Shanghai. Rieder said the initial deal would be a “proof of concept” and additional sales were possible.

The purchased packaged will include a package of options that will include Sagem avionics, grapples, fire tanks, buckets, baskets, portable patient transport units and a boom nozzle that fires 300 gallons of water per minute up to 200 feet.

The baskets that are mentioned are the HB 5000 Heli-Baskets® (shown on this page) which can hold up to 56 persons. You can see several views on this page.

HB 5000 Front View

The Heli-Basket® is the same product that was mentioned in  the The Acquisition Directorate Research and Development Center Maritime Mass Rescue Interventions; Availability and Associated Technology Final Report from the U.S Department of Homeland Security. The SAR program, in conjunction with the aviation and cutter forces managers, should examine the utility of rescue-only devices such as the Heli-basket®....., as means to provide multipleperson rescue, hoist to deck level or equivalent height, and short transit to safety.

The consortium members that are part of the non-binding MOU include Kun Shan Dian Shan Lake Aviation Industrial, Avicopter, China Flying Dragon General Aviation and China Aviation Supplies. Rieder said he expected a detailed agreement to be finalized within six months.

HB 5000 with Flotation Installed

HB 5000 Front View

 From the President of Precision Lift Inc.
The Heli-Basket® will prove to be one of the game changing inventions in the Multi-Person Rescue arena. The ability to save 15, 20, 50+ persons at once will help keep families connected in times of disaster natural or man made.  It will also allow the service conducting the rescue service to better serve the public and be more economical and efficient during the critical first hour after any accident or disaster.