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Basic Long line



The long line is a heavy-duty rope made from high-strength, synthetic fiber with (or optionally without) electrical conductors. The basic long line has a working load limit that is rated up to to 30,000 lb with a minimum 6 Xsafety factor. The stretch at failure is only 5%, making this a light-weight, high-strength, low-stretch cable.

The core of the long line is composed of two types of synthetic fibers--a blend of Dyneema® /Technora® and Plasma® depending on application. Dyneema® fibers are gel-spun, high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Technora® fibers are a type of nylon, consisting of linked benzene rings and amide bonds. The lubricity of the Dyneema® core yarns provide excellent abrasion resistance, while the Technora® core yarns eliminate any tendency of the rope to creep under sustained high loads. These fibers are, pound-for-pound, 8 to 10 times stronger than steel. The long line has a 16 strand, double braid construction. Sixteen strands are braided into a rope which is then covered with a heavy-duty polyester braided jacket and coated with bright orange urethane. The primary strands are torque-balanced so that the final rope is "torque-free." The weight of the rope is 22.5 lbs/100 feet or 33.5 kg/100 m. The electric long line is fitted with an electric cable containing 3 (14 AWG) conductors. The weight of the electric conductor is 12.5 lbs/100 feet.

Electric Long line
Long Line through Cockpit

The electric long line consists of our long line and an attached electric cable containing 3 (14 AWG) conductors. The electric cable provides electric power to a remotely-controlled hook which can be attached to the lower end of the long line.

The long lines described above are used to carry the Heli-Basket®s and any of the Remote Release Hooks that we manufacture.The stretch when lifting a fully-loaded Heli-Basket or load using a Remote Release Hook is less than 0.5% making this combination light-weight, high-strength, and low-stretch . Stretching the rope when lifting the load does not break the electric cable as the cable is encased in a cordura sheath that surrounds the long line and allows the user to adapt the lines to many different uses. Additional or different electric cables, fiber optic, and RF can be added to the long line without the need for any modification to the overall system.Long Line from Ground

Long Line Construction:

The core of the electric long line is a Plasma® rope. Plasma® 12-strand rope is the highest-strength synthetic rope available.  The 12-strand braided rope core is covered with a heavy-duty polyester braided jacket, which protects the core from abrasion. 

The polyester jacket is coated with urethane (which can be in any color, most shipped are bright orange), which seals the jacket and protects the core from grit, oils, solvents, and ultraviolet radiation.

The primary strands are torque-balanced so that the final rope is "torque-free." The long line has both excellent flexibility and strength retention under cyclic loading.  It has very high resistance to electrical current.

Typical Technical Data Summary
Working Load Limit:
10,000 lbs.
Minimum Tensile Strength:
68,500 lbs.
Rope Core:
Plasma 12-Strand Rope
Melting Point of Core:
284º F.  (140º C.)
Rope Jacket:
Heavy-Duty Polyester
Melting Point of Jacket:
480º F.  (249º C.)
2 Layers of Flexible Heavy-Duty Urethene
At Breaking Point (68,500 lbs): 4 - 5%
At Long Line Working Load Limit (10,000 lbs): 0.6 - 0.7%
At Load Limit for HB-2000 Heli-Basket (5,100 lbs): 0.4 - 0.5%
Standard Lengths (ft.):
30, 50, 70, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200
Product ID:
ELLWL10-120              ELLWL10-50
Weight (with conductor):
55 lbs.                           23 lbs.
120 ft.                            50 ft.

Electric Cable

The long line has an externally-mounted electric cable containing highly flexible, multi-strand 14-gauge (AWG) conductors--two current-carrying conductors and a ground wire. This cable is encased by a cordure cover to prevent entaglement with any object encountered during use. The connector plugs are strain-relieved and have reinforced connector blades.  Standard connector plugs are used, allowing the cable to be quickly plugged into the helicopter above and the solenoid-operated remote hook below.  When necessary, we have pigtail adaptors for any type of airframe requirement.

Technical Data Summary
AWG: 14 Gauge - 3 Conductors (incl. ground)
Maximum Current:
15 Amps (each conductor)
Maximum Voltage:
300 Volts
Temperature Range:
-58º F. to +140° F.
Breaking Strength of Cable Supports:
1,100 lbs.
Length/Width Example:              
124 ft.
13 lbs. (conductor only)

Because of FAA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Section 29.865) requirements, there is a need for an additional measure of safety required by the FAA for use when transporting Human cargo, Precision Lift Research and Design group created the Compression beam for the UH-60 / S 70 airframe.